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 Subject: ALERT!!! ALERT!!!!!
(Hive Bee)
11-02-00 06:46
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Good mornin all.
I read a disheartening article yesterday in the Washington Post. In Denver, the local feds are trying to get an outfit called Tattered cover Press(?) to give out the names of people who have purchased some of Festers books. It seems that some of these books and a mailing invoice was found in a meth lab somewhere(minneapolis?). The book company is refusing. I wonder how long they will be able to afford to hold out.This sucks!
I guess that it REALLY isnt safe to even order books anymore.
You vill sign se documents.
But I cannot sign se documents, As you haff broken all of my fingas.
dazey(where the fuck is my coffee)

Please give thanks to our matron Saint "Our Lady of The Blinding Light"

(Hive Bee)
11-02-00 08:30
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dazey I heard something about it on the radio and they said the A.C.L.U. has sent legal eagles to help the dude out, but it seems that the bookstore in question is a mom & pop operation but we'll see. sometimes they are pretty stuborn  up in the hills. PEACE


(Hive Bee)
11-02-00 08:50
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They are trying to find out which of the occupants ordered the book, so they can determine who was the cook in the family.  Was struck down once but this judge is a dickle.  Best to order those kind of books in a different name and use MO.  Scary they can do that crap.
Supposably, they can't get records of other customers purchases.  And, it looks like the owners wouldn't give them that stuff anyway.  However, imagine a less conscientious shop owner who just wants to avoid the hassle.  They'd probably turn over the whole shop if the dea/fbi came knocking.

deep breathe, release, repeat

11-02-00 09:17
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I give no merit to the potential reality of this thread since it does sound like, another one of those stories, but will comment to...

However, imagine a less conscientious shop owner who just wants to avoid the hassle.  They'd probably turn over the whole shop if the dea/fbi came knocking.

I don't know, I'd think this to be the rule more than the exception, those book people can be pretty fucking tight about this kind of shit in just general, they've been fighting this kind of shit on their own for a long ass time now, its not suprising that the ACLU would become involved in this case either, this kind of shit is right up their alley. The term "book burning" screams out at a lot of people and you pretty much have a preliminary aspect of it just waiting to happen in a situation like this if  you let it happen. Besides this, "who" ordered the book would by no means proove guilt of a crime, the book was legaly written, sold and purchased. Sure, they could try using it but it  sounds like somebodies digging pretty damn deep for a bust they don't seem to have in their pocket. Hopefuly the person involved or at least their lawyer can read that writting on the wall, if this were to be reliable, I notice no outside reference has been offered, usualy the first sign of total bullshit.

(Hive Bee)
11-02-00 10:27
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Let me begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for you, HEYMAN, but if you look in the first paragraph you will see that I clearly stated that I read it in the Washington Post. I thought that I made that abundantly clear. I do not have the time or inclination to put the exact reference. I was just trying to be informative (not knowing how large of an operation this Tattered Cover Press place is). I dont see any reason for you to act in this way.
So if you think that this is bullshit, I suggest that you take it up with the Washington Post.
I think someone needs a nap!

Please give thanks to our matron Saint "Our Lady of The Blinding Light"

(Hive Bee)
11-02-00 11:02
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i read the article also. sadly, it is true. is your first ammendment friend, folks.

michael hoy (the owner)would tell the swine to go screw in a case like this.


monkey see / monkey do

(Hive Bee)
11-03-00 06:04
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Washington post- pageA17
To paraphrase- The Tattered Cover Press is still fighting the court order, with the help of the American Library Association, and the Association of American Publishers.
They want to ID the resident who lived at the lab.

Please give thanks to our matron Saint "Our Lady of The Blinding Light"

(Hive Addict)
11-03-00 07:34
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They might be in a bit of a pickle.  It's not like they Feds are trolling, asking for names of people who ordered a specific book without any other factors involved.  They busted the lab and found the books and invoice already inside there.  That throws a different shade on it.  Whichever way, though, it stinks.

I think it's time for that bookstore to have a hard drive failure, or maybe a break-in with some vandalism to the recordkeeping system.

11-03-00 16:58
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I had a dream once and in that dream a Biker lookin' dude was speaking to me as if from "That Wild Beyond". This he said, "Little Bee never sign your real name to anything that deals with manufacture, never keep receipts and let mail order cool off from a distance". Fellow Bees in Honeyland, we may as well accept what has been known all along, Big Brother is here, he is mean, ruthless and changes The Rules at will. I hate to think what "The Land of the Free" will be in the years to come.
(Hive Bee)
11-03-00 17:38
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"The Land of the Free"

The time this was true has gone long time ago... And for the books, well, ordering special books, chems or other nice things with real ID is a problem. Fuck, DONīT DO IT! NEVER EVER!!!



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